Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fashion Designer, Activist and Compassionate Visionary: Donna Karan at Urban Zen January 2011

            I believe that every artist is given in his or her life, a mentor. Someone who sees your strengths
and weaknesses, subtly guides you, encourages and supports your artistic growth,whether they are conscious of it or not. Donna Karan has been that for me and more. Not only is she a constant source of amazement for her seemingly endless amount of
creative energy, she is inspiring in huge ways for the bigness of her heart , the depth of her compassion and she is the mom of one of my oldest friends. With the unparalleled, paradigm changing Urban Zen Foundation, Donna has responded to the pain and sadness of losing her soul mate to illness, by forging forward to help change the health care game in America and beyond. She is also commited to and is active in helping to rebuild the lives of the people of of my personal heroes.

Donna Karan NYC photo by Jean-Philippe Boucicaut