Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kyp Malone at the Underground, London

 While I was in London shooting for Storm and D1 agencies, I bumped into my friend Kyp Malone on Brick Lane. He was touring solo with the newly formed  Rain Machine while on break from TV on the Radio. Very cool, peaceful and super chill , Kyp was the barrista at my neighborhood coffee shop in Williamsburg Brooklyn for years while playing out and paying dues. Talent,timing and perseverance  took it's course and now TV on the Radio is one of the most successful indie bands out there now. He hasn't changed at all and remains grounded and humble.
Kyp Malone photographed by Jean-Philippe Boucicaut

KypMalone at the Underground,East London ph:JPBoucicaut
Kyp Malone, London:photo by JPBoucicaut